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Are you experiencing relationship concerns?
Are your deceased love ones safe?
Will you get that promotion?

World renowned Psychic Medium Brandy Rosenberg will answer all those questions for you and more!

Brandy has been advising a wide range of clients for over twenty years including the Hollywood elite and law enforcement.

“There is nothing of greater advantage to you – or that links you more powerfully with source from which you have come than your breath. If you are feeling chaotic go to the breath. Just Breath.” – I look forward to connecting with you! Brandy

Just breathe.

Considered by many to be one of the most gifted intuitives, Brandy is guiding us into the early cycles of the Aquarian Age by providing germane insights for navigating the incredible times that are upon us.

Brandy delivers the information she receives with her personal flair, refreshing style of humor, intensity and compassion. Brandy not only offers her clients fascinating insights from the other side, but also draws on her extensive experience as a healer to offer practical spiritual solutions and cognitive exercises for the living to transform their own lives.

Brandy came to practice spirit-mediumship through her own personal journey of healing. After four near-death experiences, one of which landed her in a coma for two days, Brandy began to research and learn all she could to reconcile these death experiences, including exploring her own psychic sensitivities—gifts that she had spent the better part of her life pushing away.

In fact, Brandy learned that she came from a long line of psychic-mediums—all of whom had kept their gifts hidden. As her Aunt Janie confided, “You’re the first to come out of the closet!” This revelation reinforced her passion to make this her life’s work.

Integrating years of experience, Brandy utilizes multiple disciplines to open a space where profound and lasting transformation can occur.

A certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Rebirther, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Sat Nam Rasayn practitioner, ordained Minister and Kriya Yoga initiate, Brandy is breaking new ground in the practice, dialogue and teachings in the field of psychic-mediumship.


Brandy is a gifted medium and healer with a sincere sense of compassion. Her mere presence was very soothing! She let me know what she sensed was going on with relatives who have passed and what my next steps are in my legal cause. I was surprised by some of the things that she told me, but as I thought about it, made perfect sense. She also gave me a meditation to do to hasten my results. I greatly appreciated her help!
Nikki L.

I’d never met with a spiritual medium before, and was blown away by Brandy’s ability to connect me with my loved ones. I was able to connect with my father, and couldn’t believe the details Brandy was able to relay from him. She also gave me great advice and sent along some very helpful meditations to help me with my grieving process. I’m already looking forward to another session, but since my grief is new (4 months) Brandy encouraged me to wait another 3 – 6 months before scheduling anything, which I really respected and believe will help me heal. Thank you so much, Brandy.
Bridgetn V.

Hi Brandy, Thank you very much for conveying the messages from my father. These words bring so much peace and comfort to me, and I will try to do all the things he instructed to heal myself and to take care of my family. Sincerely, John – John T.

Hi Brandy, It was a pleasure to meet you! You are a true healer. You made me feel so good about everything you said to me. I most definitely will see you again! Thank you so much! – Mari C.

If I had had any expectations, you surely surpassed them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom. Annie S.

Hey Brandy, You did a reading for me in January and we discussed my career. You said it would have to do with the medical community and some policy stuff. Well my projects this summer are about medical emergencies and energy!! I’m surprised, pleasantly! This was not what had I intended. I don’t know if it’s something that you suggested and my mind unconsciously used the law of attraction to pull it in. Or it’s you and psychic ability does exist. Nonetheless, I am enjoying all of it! Thank you! Karen N

Blissed out…Joyous…Lightened up…and Empowered…thank you so very much…the reading was REAL and I feel closer to my ancestors!!! – Jin Q.

Hey Brandy— Just transcribing the last reading–WOW. It was truly a great one. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude. – Thx, Lani –Lani P.

Profoundly moving confirmation that our loved ones are always with us and death is merely a transition and not an end. Thank you. – Michael C.

Hi Brandy, I am just so excited about what you shared and I can truly believe/feel that this realm where the spirits/energy (I don’t know what to call it) roam is coming to life for me. You know I’ve always believed in a higher self and how we ourselves can shed our skins/minds to see/feel this great light. With the information you shared about Jack, it’s helping me to really know it’s true. It’s so fun and amazing. It’s like entering into your own portal and gaining insight. And with your gift it’s helping me to just see that!!!
LeAnn G.

Dear Brandy, you surpassed all my expectations. Your knowledge was on point and pretty much blew me away. Coming from someone who was a skeptic, I can now say, no longer. This was such a positive experience for my whole family and I am feeling less traumatized. Thank you! – Jenny B.

Hi Brandy~ Thank you so much for being able to accommodate me in such a timely manner! I am already digesting your wise words and feeling more optimistic. Thank you so much. I hope you are well! Best, Nikki – Nikki S.

“I have never been to a medium or any kind of psychic before (aside from an auditorium full of people to see John Edward), and it felt so comfortable and easy with you. You felt like a friend. Thank you for coming. We all took something valuable away from your messages.” – Debbie Weinstein

Brandy, It was nice meeting you the other day. My Mom thoroughly enjoyed her reading. I was wondering if you could please send me/her any grief support or mediation groups you think she would fit well in. Thank you, Kim – Kim B.

Brandy, it’s been about a year and a half since the reading you gave me and EVERYTHING is coming to fruition. I am embarking on some very exciting new horizons and wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU for your gifts and incredible insights. I think often about the conversation we had and am so impressed with the accuracy of what you tapped into. You are truly a very talented and blessed spirit! All my love, Zoe – Zoe S.

A quick note to let you know your reading was truly transformative. So grateful to you and your gift and I am sure to have another session soon! 
All the best
, Nancy – Nancy T.

You have no idea what our conversation meant to me. I have been searching for something specific like you gave me for years!!! And I have wanted to know he is ok and that he’s in a better place, that he still sees us and didn’t miss out on Stephen growing up and to be able to let him know that I love him and still think of him.” Thank you for being so kind and caring. –Christine A.

I don’t know where to begin other than to say I wanted to reach a loved one that had crossed over. I was skeptical and prepared to be let down but wanted to at least try. I only hoped for a tiny shred of proof that my loved one was ok. Before contacting Brandy I deactivated my Facebook and didn’t give her one piece of information. She relayed me messages that could only come from him. Things she would have had to hire a private investigator to find out and some things that only I knew. I feel less broken and the best I have felt since my great loss. I wanted to jump through the screen and wrap my arms around her!! She is totally the real deal!!! – Jenny M.

I have had many experiences with psychics and a couple with mediums. They all pale in comparison when it comes to a reading with Brandy. To say that she is accurate is an understatement. I truly felt like I was having a conversation with my loved ones that had passed over. The messages that were relayed to me brought so much peace; I am forever grateful for my 30 minutes with Brandy. My only regret is I wish I had paid for 60. – Cara L.

I concur, Brandy is the real deal. She just comes up with stuff, images, comments that wouldn’t make sense out of the context of a reading. Her readings are real, right on the money and she is also able to deliver a source of comfort to those yearning to reconnect with someone who has moved on. I have referred her to friends and everyone has been impressed. If you’re in the market for this kind of service, call Brandy. – Lilliana G.

Hi Brandy, just a quick note to thank you again for the reading on Tuesday and making the connection with my brother. I am still integrating the information and feeling so much better about everything for the first time since his death. Again, thank you. Warm regards, Stacie – Stacie W.

Brandy is an amazing medium and healer! She is so caring and kind, she is full of integrity and comes from a place of love. She is no bullshit and tells you what you need to hear. I will forever be grateful to her. – Elizabeth B.

I had a phone reading from Brandy and was thoroughly satisfied with my experience. It was like speaking to the deepest parts of myself…parts of me, which could talk back! I am so grateful for her encouraging words and positive spin on life lessons. I highly recommend that you speak with Brandy, she’s down-to-earth and playful…everything you could want from a guide! – Joe T.

Just. Met. Sarah. Silverman. Like you predicted !!!!!! How crazy?! – Gabby K.

Brandy, I want you to know that Everyone in our group was amazed at the information
that came through not just me. So insightful and healing. Thank you! Lynne – Lynne L

I met Brandy because we were both featured in a local newspaper. I just thought what the heck I’ll book an appointment. Well, it’s no accident we were featured in the same issue…I can guarantee Brandy and I will be friends forever. I consider myself very astute in the field of psychic-mediums as I have been going to them since the 70’s. I know BS when I see it. Brandy has the true sight. She is deeply intuitive which seems to come from some secret wellspring of knowledge. It is both exciting and refreshing to experience what I consider a “new breed” in psychic-mediums. I have a heart full of thanks and gratitude for her! – Sybil B

I have to admit I had a lot of trepidation about stepping into the world of psychic mediums. In fact, I really think it’s hocus pocus but something just kept nagging at me to go so I followed that. That said, I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made with Brandy. In fact, I can’t believe how actually good at her craft she is. And I call it a craft because it seems like it’s own distinct art form. She revealed things to me that made my jaw drop. She also busted me on a few things that I thought I did a good job at keeping hidden. Also, my session was via SKYPE, which I thought might not actually work. To the contrary I felt way more comfortable than I would have imagined. OH, and Brandy also pulled out a talent of mine in particular that I had squashed and instilled in me the faith to go at it again! I felt like I gave a big gift to myself with Brandy and highly recommend her! – FOT

Hey Brandy, You did a reading for me in January and we discussed my career. You said it would have to do with the medical community and some policy stuff. Well my projects this summer are about medical emergencies and energy!! I’m surprised, pleasantly! This was not what had I intended. I don’t know if it’s something that you suggested and my mind unconsciously used the law of attraction to pull it in. Or it’s you and psychic ability does exist. Nonetheless, I am enjoying all of it! Thank you! – Karen N.

Thank you so much Brandy. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help! If we feel we need another session we will book thru your website. We will stay in touch. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!! Best, Dan – Dan L.

First of all, I was not planning on booking a reading with anyone. I was just doing research online for my own business and somehow stumbled upon a psychic-medium group and saw her picture. Subsequently, I had been really missing my brother who had passed some years before and I really wanted to connect with him and kind of took this as a sign itself to book a reading. I had been to other psychics in the past but left still feeling a little empty. Well, Brandy came through with such accurate information and so quickly and effortlessly that I just knew she was connecting with him. I felt like I was actually speaking with him in the same room even though my reading with Brandy was over the phone! I know his spirit has been around me for a while however to get the actual evidence that she provided really confirmed that. Not to mention, the reading really calmed my heart. If you feel the slightest pull to book a reading with her, just do it! She is so sweet and kind and was so reassuring about my own life path too. I highly recommend her! – Darice C.

Dear Brandy, I appreciate your honesty and insights about my marriage. You delivered the information to me with such sensitivity and compassion and while it was not easy to digest, you were right on the mark. I could actually tell it wasn’t easy for you either and I appreciate your honesty. I feel incredibly lucky to have connected with you before I went into “reaction” mode. You provided me with the clarity and the grace needed to move forward. Thank you. I will keep you updated on my situation. Respectfully, Joan H.

Where do I begin??!!! Brandy is as good as it gets. For the skeptics, like I was, she’s a naturally gifted medium. I went to her for some spiritual guidance and healing, and she was able to hone in and pick up on all of my worries. She’s frank and to the point, giving you reassurance and peace of mind. She gave me spiritual healing exercises to complete, and also recommended breathe work. I would highly recommend Brandy to anyone seeking closure, healing, spiritual guidance, and your life’s purpose. She’s great and can assist anyone who’s seeking spiritual guidance. – Tina M.

I cannot express with words how amazing our session was. I felt so amazing after our session and have continued to feel amazing. I reached out to Brandy to speak with someone in my family that has crossed over. Not only was she able to speak with him, she has helped me so much when it comes to my future. She is truly an amazing medium and has been blessed with such an amazing gift. I will 100% be speaking with her again. She just does not know how much she has effected and changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Medium. – Monique N.

Truly the most accurate reading I have had in my life. Every time I get a reading from Brandy, it’s always unique and always incredibly helpful for my life. Thank you Brandy! – Alex S.

Thank you again for sharing Jacks energy with us and just for being the angel that you are. The info you shared was spot-on and even more revealing than I had expected. In hindsight, I just feel like it’s a message…to be open, let the heart open up, and appreciate both the grief and fear I’ve had and to let it go now, believe in my higher purpose, so I can do the work here on earth. – Theresa C.

I had never had a reading, but when I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time and she told me about her amazing experiences with Brandy, I had a strong feeling that I should make an appointment for a reading from Brandy as well, so I did just that.
The reading wasn’t what I had been expecting – it was far more profound. During our first session Brandy accurately described relatives (both living and passed) by name, and gave detailed descriptions of events that had already taken place. This was more than enough to convince me of Brandy’s abilities. I went into the reading with a healthy dose of skepticism which was impossible to maintain after hearing Brandy speak with such astonishing accuracy. But the best part of the reading wasn’t just being convinced it was “real”, it was Brandy’s practical, intuitive, and loving advice, as well as extremely helpful psychic exercises to practice in the time following the reading. I received a strong sense of peace and healing, something I wasn’t expecting at all. After my second reading, it was another profound experience – new relatives appeared, deeper healing took place, and a continued sense of peace and calm. Sessions with Brandy are gifts I will continue to give myself (as well as gifts to the relatives she is aiding me in healing that have crossed over) and look forward to with great expectation and joy. – Connie P.

Thank you so much for such a great afternoon—so fun and FASCINATING. I feel so lucky for being able to share in your wonderful gift. Thank you for all your compassionate advice, really…wow! – Jill G.

Since my session with Brandy my life has done a 180 in the most magical way. I booked a reading with her specifically for one reason, to connect with my aunt who died. I was not expecting the chain of events that occurred as a result. I did some research online on “psychic-healing” and I believe this is what I experienced not to mention I know my aunt played a part. Nonetheless areas of my life that were in absolute disarray have resolved themselves in my favor including a legal issue that she picked up on without me even mentioning it! She gave me some advice and tools on how to quickly alleviate stress in my life and to enhance my own intuition. I highly recommend her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Brandy! – Christina E.

Dear Brandy, I hope it’s ok that I’m texting you…just wanted to let you know while in the car later today my husband stated out of the blue “wow, I think she blasted my heart wide open.” Thank you! – Linda M.

Brandy is an incredible medium and intuitive. She was able to hone in on the places I needed healing and areas of my life that I needed to look at, even though it was not easy. She connected me with my great grandma who passed away ten years ago. Brandy truly is gifted, I recommend her to anyone who wants spiritual guidance or healing. She is kind hearted and sweet. I am so grateful for the experiences she gave me. – Carly V.

I just got off the phone with Brandy and there is a very calming presence to her. To be quite honest i’m not sure what I was looking for but i’m having deeper issues that need to be addressed and I felt like I couldn’t get that help from one reading. Brandy quickly said she would refund me and that she would keep me in her prayers. I feel I need to take her advice by meditating but I also think I need to face these issues i’ve been dealing with on my own and then come back to Brandy when I have real questions and really know what i’m seeking. 15 minutes on the phone and this is one amazing person. I wish I could be on a better mental level to actually truly benefit from a reading with her. Thank you for being so kind to me. – Sarah M.

Wowww Brandy Thank youuu so much! It really was a healing & empowering reading I’ve passed your name along to a few folks and look forward to speaking with you again soon! Love & Light – Bethany R.

I have worked with Brandy a few times in the last six years, and each time I have been amazed that she has brought up information that has changed the way I see myself and my relationship with the world. My first reading with her was so focused and brought up things from my lineage that it really shifted the way I see certain things. I trust her implicitly and feel safe with her. She is a game-changer and an agent of clarity.
Jessica L.

Dearest Brandy, You gave me a beautiful reading. I loved it. Afterwards I took a 2 hour nap! I was so relieved. I love SKYPE! Who knew? You hit the nail on the head as always. Blessings, Natalie – Natalie E.

Brandy is an adept and extremely intuitive healer. Every time I work with her I’m always amazed at how well she pinpoints exactly what I’m going thru as well as being able to create a focused path through my particular situations. Brandy is truly gifted in her abilities and always a warm and caring facilitator. When I work with her I feel that all of her focus is on me and the entire session is geared towards my resolutions. I always walk away feeling clear, cared for and resolved in what I’m doing and where I’m going. I know I can always call on Brandy for her insights. Oh and not to mention she’s a walking Encyclopedia Britannica of sorts. Brandy rocks! –Jessica D.

Thank you Brandy. You are supper friendly which put me at ease. Very informative, you’ve given me some great insight into aspects of myself, which I can learn to empower. I appreciate your positivity. I have found healing through your ability to see into me. You are wonderful! Sasha – Sasha J.

I want Brandy and others to know how truly gifted she is as a Healer & Reader. Brandy helped me on so many levels all at once. She is strong, confident, wise, kind, loving and highly professional. I am a very big personality with a lot going on in my life and Brandy cut through all of it and got right down to the most important things for me that needed attention and healing…It was painless and we had a laugh although some issues where very painful to look at, Brandy was able to beautifully communicate it to me which made it easy. I have already taken action to clear myself for the life I know I deserve. I am excited about this new journey I am embarking on and my smile is lighting up the whole of the UK!!! And I got this astute transmission via SKYPE! – Daphne D.

Dear Brandy, thank you so much for our wonderful reading last weekend. I came to you to find out my true calling since I was out of my previous career and free to make a move. Things that you have said have been coming through as confirmations all week! After looking back at the reading and what has transpired, I see that you were a catalyst; you were a crucial ingredient to create an alchemical reaction which allowed so many other things to transpire, plus, some things that would have happened anyway were now seen and utilized with a greater meaning BECAUSE of our reading together! Thank you!
Lisa K.

To have a reading with Brandy is to have one’s life forever changed. Not only does she convey fascinating and unbelievably accurate information from the other side, she sets her clients on a spiritual path of deepened awareness and healing. I began working with Brandy while writing a memoir about the deaths of my two sisters and brother. What I learned in our sessions completely altered not only my book, but my understanding of what it means to live and die. Brandy is not only a psychic medium, but a healer who uses her gift with great sensitivity, wisdom and humor. I highly recommend her!
Jocelyn H.

Brandy is one of the most powerful and sensitive healer and intuitive I know. Through our work together, I have undergone a deep transformation and multiple shifts in my journey toward peace, resolution of past traumas, and better health. As a psychic medium, she always tells it like it is, however she gets the information. My trust in her abilities and her sincerity is absolute. – Karen Y.

brandy- hello! just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for tonight – i really felt energized and inspired by your reading. thank you for being so generous and fun. also – on my drive home i remembered that when i was a kid we had a big painting of guanyin that my mom painted up in our house! I am excited to pass your info along to friends, and when i’m ready for a full on session, i will come back to you! – Jade C.

Hi Brandy, I just wanted to drop you a few more lines to express my appreciation for the reading you blessed me with. As time passes… more manifests as you said. The areas where you encouraged me to work have paid off tremendously… mostly because you encouraged me into an awarness/awakeness of them. In sum….THANKS! I look forward to another reading soon…Love, Sophia – Sophia P.

It is profoundly and deeply rewarding when one follows inner guidance, asks for guidance and is divinely lead to a truly gifted, loving and spot-on psychic like Brandy. I just had a reading with her this evening and if I had had any expectations, she surely surpassed them. I feel validated, connected and absolutely blessed by our conversation and the reading. She is so right-on! From the depths of my Being, Thanks you, Bandy!
Kelly K.

Hey Brandy, just a quick note to say thank you! Thank for the reading and for being generous with your time and gift I really appreciated it on so many levels. I’m so excited about the miracle that presented itself! And one thing I forgot to tell you was, remember when you said my grandfather said thanks to you for giving me those messages and you said no one ever said that to you….well ….I meant to stay to you that he’s a one of a kind gentlemen and was not surprised. Overall thanks for shedding the light on things and hope to talk to you soon. You’re very easy to talk to and felt as if I was talking to an old friend and you are very sweet. Thank you once again Brandy!!! – Chelsea L.

Dear Brandy, I see now! I write with a quill pen from an Angel wing! With the utmost gratitude and deepest respect, Shirley – Shirley O.

I’ve just completed a reading with Brandy and I must say she got to the root of my issues with the skill of a surgeon. Brandy is concise, her no fluff insightful channeling has enlightened me to be able to address blockages and provided me with the tools necessary to heal these issues. It’s tough to wade through weeds when you don’t know where they are…As she quite eloquently said, and I quote, “If you can’t feel it…you cannot heal it”. If you seek honesty in your guidance and are prepared for truth and accuracy devoid of sugar coating then Brandy is your guide. I cannot thank you enough for your insightfulness Brandy…in gratitude, Brent. – Brent B.

I choose to get a reading from Brandy during a time when I was at my lowest energetically and felt very stuck. I had all the keys. I am familiar with a lot of spiritual teachings, am connected with the Divine source and know how to practice mediation, and was know to be a very high energy person but the switch had been turned off on me. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything and I did not like the person I was becoming. Speaking to Brandy made ALL THE KEYS CLICK INTO PLACE! She is practical, she keeps it real and she gives you perspective like no one else. You know source is speaking though her. She cleared the fog around my priorities quickly and they shine bright and clear to me. Thank you Brandy! – Sri. B

You leave Brandy with a sense of comfort, knowledge, and validation from an insightful and sometimes shocking reading. – Theresa K.

Hi Brandy! I got a reading from you sometime back in the summer and you suggested that I try kundalini yoga. I just wanted to let you know I went from never taking a yoga class in my life to now – going for my kundalini teacher training from Gurumukh in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It’s a good 8.5hr drive in one direction on the highway. I have 1 of 6 intense weekends done and graduation is April 1, 2012. Thank you so much for suggesting yoga – from the first meditation I did, I knew it was PERFECT for me! I know this is going to help me a lot with total repair from my car accident and career direction. I’ve never been interested in yoga but this type feels SO RIGHT! Thank you for the clarity and directing me to it, Love and best wishes to you! Karen – Karen R.

Dear Brandy, I thought and thought about you today. I can’t thank you enough for the advice yesterday. Your suggestion was spot-on and was exactly what I needed to bring to the table today in the meeting with my colleagues. I am so glad to have spoken with you!!! Thank you for sharing yourself and your insights. Rocio – Rocio B.

Hey Brandy – Just waned to follow up with you after my reading this weekend. Thank you so much for your insight and hard work. I went home feeling like a goddess that owned every room I walked into… hopefully that stays with me It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you again. Jessi – Jessi C.

Hey Brandy I just wanted to send you a message and thank you again for the generous reading. It was so incredibly revealing and quite frankly…you blew my mind!! I will definitely be passing the word along about the work that you do! Love, Liesel – Liesel H.

Brandy read me over the summer when my life was turned upside down. She helped me go forward and things are a lot better now! She is a very good medium and she gave me a lot of good advise. Thanks Brandy! – Hillary D.

Brandy is the real deal!! She came in to my house and noticed right away that there was a lot of negative energy in my house… we did some work around here, and told the people from the other side, they needed to leave… once she cleared my house I closed a sale I had been working on for 2 years… I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting closure, and wanting someone honest who can send a spiritual reset button!! She has since worked with a friend of mine via SKYPE and was able to do the same thing without even being in the house! I don’t understand it, it’s not my world however I trust she is the one to get this kind of work down. She’s intelligent, savvy, quick witted and a joy to be around. – Heather B.

Brandy has a natural gift as an intuitive and healer. She can see it “as is” with no wishy washy vague interpretations.. Her guidance is exactly that.. you are given what you need to make your own free will decisions. definitely worth the money and a great investment for your peace of mind. – Diann K.

I will defiantly talk to Brandy again I needed some help in healing from a loss of a family member. She is no fake that is for sure!!! She is my first medium I have ever spoken to, she is the real deal!! I looked around and I am so glad I talked with Brandy she was amazing and picked up on a lot of things!! cant wait to talk to her again!!! Thank you Brandy!! – Ginger R.

Kachina D I’ve never had any sort of reading done before so didn’t know what to expect. I had a SKYPE session and it was amazing! That in itself was very rewarding. I didn’t go in expecting anything or even necessarily wanting to hear amazing news, I was just curious We just chatted for what seemed like ages (but was only an hour) and were laughing having a normal conversation as friends would. She came out with these things about my life at random, points no one would ever know, even things that maybe I hadn’t thought about before that totally made sense which gave it new light! It was so informal and incredibly interesting! I walked away feeling really happy and bubbly, needless to say I had an amazing rest of the day! – Kachina D.

Brandy read our Adventure Girls Group and she was spot on. It was amazing how she was able to be so specific for eight different people attending. We didn’t give her any information about us and she was able to give us information pertinent to each of us. She knew my father had a lung condition (Pulmonary Fibrosis) and that my mother had something that effected her head and throat…she had a stroke and has trouble talking. I will definitely contact her again in the future. She is a lovely person with a beautiful gift to share. – Chris C.

Brandy is completely amazing and has changed my life for the better! I came to her through a recommendation from my reiki person and we started with a psychic reading. That was great. I had some deep rooted family issues so we went through the 10 week rebirthing process together; it was better than anything else i have ever done for myself. it was at times uncomfortable, as a lot of issues start coming to the fore front through the process but on the other side i have released anxiety, my mind no longer races with thoughts i cannot control, and i have a general sense of peace and increased focus. After one particular session I felt so good I was pounding on the floor and laughing because I could not believe how little I had paid to feel so great!!! I cannot recommend her enough. I had never heard of rebirthing before, I didn’t realize I knew people that had done it (I found them later among my circle) so I had nothing to base my decision on but my feeling after meeting her. My intuition was spot on, she is a gifted healer. – Monte C.

Hi Brandy, OK, yesterday was amazing. Something really shifted for me. I think I released a lot of fear and was able to step out of my own way. You were right on with New York! Today I secured a huge job and am moving there as a result! I’m literally getting on a plane tonight to fly out and finalize details. You are one Special lady! OM, Andrew – Andrew G.

Brandy is an incredibly powerful healer and has helped me grow in ways I never thought I’d be open to. Her direct approach is sometimes difficult to go through but healing starts by acknowledging the wounds. Her intuition is spot on. Immediately she was able to hone in on the specific issues that I was struggling with. I was stunned by her ability to read into deep seated issues that have kept me blocked in significant areas of my life. I was very skeptical but her insight has provided me with the clarity to take action and get results faster than I could on my own. – Albert C.

Thank you so so much for the reading today! I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my shoulders. You truly have a gift for what you do! You changed my life today and gave me insight to my gifts and the path that I wish to pursue. Thank you again. I hope to see you in the future! – Nathalie B.

I met Brandy for a few years as an acquaintance of a friend but I never had a reading with her until now. Recently, I told her about the passing of my younger sister (she passed 12 years ago) and then my father 1 1/2 years ago. She suggested I get in touch with my sister as Brandy felt there were some messages that I needed to hear from my sister.

I had never been to her home before and upon entering, I felt immediately safe and relaxed. She has a nice, spacious place in Valley Village with light. I was comfortable in her living room and was excited about connecting with my sister again and hearing about what she had to say.

By the way, Brandy does not use cards or any props. She just starts a casual conversation with you and she starts telling you stuff.

Her reading was enlightening, clarifying, and extremely right on the mark. In fact, Brandy was getting very detailed messages and images from my sister, such as names from my past that she would have never known about, unless I told her (which I had not done). The people she mentioned were from my childhood and my sister was giving me messages for them. That really blew my mind.

Brandy was very cool about the entire reading. It wasn’t all woo-woo or spiritual necessarily, but instead was very common-sense advice about what actions to take in my life; and things I could do to create a better life situation for myself. And even though it was common sense, it still felt like a very spiritual and special experience.

I now have some homework to do, which is fine. The most important thing is that I feel a deeper connection with my sister, knowing that she is looking out for me.

I would urge you, if you’re feeling confused and need a bit of direction, or you wish to connect with a loved one who has passed, go…see…her!! 

Thank you Brandy! – Shayne S.

Dear Brandy, I’m so sorry to let you know this, but my husband, Bob, passed away in February after his battle with PMP cancer. Please feel free to contact me if you would like. I know that he received such comfort from you during his battle and I want you to know you were such an instrumental part of his life then. I thank you and my children thank you. Warmly, Jolene –Jolene Z.

I had never experienced a paranormal event until I bought a historic home with an adjoining Elizabethan studio. Prominent architect, Joseph H. Roberts built the home where he lived and worked until he died in 1930; inside the house. My first night in the house marked the first of a series of paranormal events; all of which have been very positive in tone. Basically, I have a friendly ghost in my home and it’s the spirit of the man who built the place. Brandy was invited to my home with no knowledge of the paranormal events that had been taking place. She had come to give me a personal psychic reading. Being my first psychic reading ever, I was a bit skeptical but since it was a holiday gift from a dear friend and, that I had just seen a ghost, I thought why not. From the moment Brandy arrived, even before she entered the front door she sensed a powerful paranormal presence in my home that was warm and welcoming. She said things that only me and my ghost would know. I was blown away. She saw him and described him and then I showed her his picture and told her what had been going on. I used to be agnostic about all this psychic and paranormal stuff but now I have no choice but to believe. – Obie W.

Hi Brandy, I wanted to say hello, and just let you know that I truly enjoyed our session as well as our conversation this past Sunday. It’s so funny b/c last night, just as I was heading off to bed, I suddenly (and I literally mean suddenly, in a mere instant!) I developed a absolutely racing, runny nose! LOL! What’s so funny about that is that I rarely get sinus congestion, even when I get a cold! It was so completely out of the blue; I must have gone through an entire roll of toilet paper just trying to get to sleep! I fully recognize and celebrate the fact that this is my body’s way of releasing and detoxing from our session. I actually found it more humorous than anything else. In any case, I would love to stay in touch. It has been difficult finding strong, wonderful women that I can truly connect with here in LA. It’s one of the things I do miss about Ohio. Let me know next time you are down in the south-bay/long beach area and maybe we can meet for tea. Love, Delanie – Delaney M.

It was an amazing meeting with you today! More than I expected and I appreciate the time you took for me. I would love for you to give me that meditation you were talking about. Looking forward to seeing you in the future. Thanks! Stella – Stella C.

I’m a skeptic, and was a “medium-virgin” – but I remain thrilled by the reading Brandy did for me. She and I were complete strangers, I found her name at random, yet she spoke in specifics about things she couldn’t have known, answered my questions and left me with an amazing, uplifting glimpse of my father a decade after his death. She did have some concrete advice for me, which I’m trying to follow, and I look forward to our next session. She’s a brilliant & vital woman! I recommend her to anyone searching for peace from all sources. – Piper R

Hi Brandy, I had a session with you last August 5th. Just thought you might be interested in one result. You may not recall me, but this particular issue had to do with my concern over my parents’ home not being rented, though it was fully renovated and on the market for nearly 8 months in a major city and at a very reasonable rate. You gave me so much comfort when you sensed a sweet energy there and also said the house would rent soon. Not only is it now rented, but the people who are moving in are: an elderly, retired gentleman and his middle-aged daughter. Since 1996 until 2011, the only house guest my retired, elderly father had in that house was me — his middle aged daughter. Not only that, but the day the utilities on that house are being cut off and out of my family’s name is September 13th — the day my parents were married in 1947. Just seems like an extra pat on the back from the Universe that all is well and moving in step as it should be. After all, my parents occupied that house for 45 years, and the time is ripe for new folks who love the house, which is all I wanted. Thank you for our session, by the way. Gave me much peace of mind after a couple of emotionally turbulent years. You’ll be hearing from me again at some point. Hope all is well with you. – SBS

Brandy, I can’t thank you enough for the session. You were very intuitive about what was going on with me. I felt safe and relaxed. Also you gave me great confidence as your intuition and transmission directly confirmed my visions and purpose for my future. I am so clear now. The session not only boosted my energy level, it helped clarify my life dream! You are very gifted with your guidance. I believe I am still integrating it all. I wish we had taped it! – Miriyam S.

Hi Brandy, Thank you so much for the reading yesterday- I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said- especially the aspects of my past life. Many statements you made about me truly emotionally healing from the past & taking care of myself hit home since I have just quite recently realized how often I stifle my emotions to remain in control of a situation & take care of others. Also, the information you gave me about my grandmother was so confirming, as we were so close- I feel her with me often so I’m glad she could be there yesterday. I would very much like to have a longer reading with you within the next month. Thank you again for your warm energy and guidance. Best, Jennifer – Jennifer L.

Hi Brandy, I just want to thank you so much for the reading Saturday. If you remember we spoke about my abandonment issues. After our reading I decided to reach out to my dad who I hadn’t spoken to in three years. This has been something I’ve known deep down that I’ve needed to do, but ignored out of resentment and anger. I just want to thank you for bringing this abandonment issue to my attention. You are such a caring and gifted person. Now I can finally begin to heal myself. I will definitely research outside counseling for this. I’m so grateful to have found you, and can’t find the words to thank you enough. Brittany – Brittany W.

Hi Brandy, Thank you for your amazing work and talent at our party! It was a pleasure to meet you and our guests had some incredible stories to tell that evening. All the best, Lorraine and Jeff – Lorraine T.

Hi Brandy, Apologies – I realized I owe you a thank you for the lovely reading. (I meant to write earlier). I liked it a lot and felt you connected very consciously. I will definitely be back. Thank you for giving me reason to believe that there is life after this life 🙂 Big hugs, Sher-li – Sher-li T.

My name is Nathalie and I’d like to share my rebirthing experience with Brandy. 

In 2014 I was going under a lot a stress, I spent a few months in Spain to be with my mother who was spending her last days in palliative care. She had breast cancer 15 years ago and bone metastasis for the last 3 years of her life. 

I was at that time doing a lot of personal work, trying to figure my life. Death being certain it was clear to me I wasn’t fulfilled with my choices in life.

I stepped into kundalini yoga and the energy of the room penetrated me rapidly. I was clearly unaligned with the energy in the room. My friend Alex introduced me to Brandy. “She is a yoga teacher and also a rebirther”. That’s it I thought! You are the rebirther I have been looking for these past months. I did some spiritual work with mediums, numerologists and astrologers and they mentioned regressions or rebirthing would be helpful for me.

I decided to undertake 10 rebirthing sessions with Brandy. I have today completed 19 sessions, one left to go.

This has been a very opening journey. With downs and ups. And I am very thankful for doing this rebirthing work with Brandy.

Rebirthing has brought up to the surface many unconscious things I had to work on: stand up for myself, take action, get healthy, get clear on my values and purpose and take action towards fulfilling it, use my intuition and many other things.

I feel like rebirthing hasn’t just changed me but it has completely transformed me.

I cannot be more grateful for the work Brandy has done and I look forward to keep working with her in the future (such as intuition, etc.)

I highly recommend Brandy if you want to find your own answers, if you want to clear some layers of blocked energy or if you are ready to make positive changes in your life. You will be amazed by the journey and grateful to start this rebirthing work. – Nathalie V.

I found Brandy on Yelp after watching John Edwards for years. I have always wanted to connect with the other side, and from the reviews I read on Yelp, Brandy was going to deliver that experience.

My session with Brandy was more than I could have ever expected. When you first meet her you immediately feel comfortable and at ease. I felt like I had known her forever. She provided me with so many details about my life – relationship, family, career. She connected with my family, here and those who have passed, and with a couple of friends who have passed.

I highly recommend Brandy Rosenberg. I walked away completely satisfied and in awe of her delivery. She is such a warm person and she made me a believer! Thank you so much Brandy for bringing me full circle with those who have passed and shedding light on my life as I move forward.
Cindy R.