John T.

Hi Brandy, Thank you very much for conveying the messages from my father.  These words bring so much peace and comfort to me, and I will try to do all the things he instructed to heal myself and to take care of my family. Sincerely,  John  

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Mari C.

Hi Brandy, It was a pleasure to meet you!  You are a true healer. You made me feel so good about everything you said to me. I most definitely will see you again! Thank you so much !  

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Nancy T.

Your reading was truly transformative.  So grateful to you and your gift and I am sure to have another session soon! 
All the best
, Nancy

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Annie S.

If I had had any expectations, you surely surpassed them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom. Annie

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Lynne L.

Brandy, I want you to know that Everyone in our group was amazed at the information that came through not just me.  So insightful and healing. Thank you! Lynne

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Jill G.

Thank you so much for such a great afternoon—so fun and FASCINATING. I feel so lucky for being able to share in your wonderful gift. Thank you for all your compassionate advice, really…wow! Jill

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Linda M.

Dear Brandy, I hope it’s ok that I’m texting you…just wanted to let you know while in the car later today my husband stated out of the blue “wow, I think she blasted my heart wide open.”  Thank you!

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Bethany R.

Wowww Brandy Thank youuu so much! It really was a healing & empowering reading I’ve passed your name along to a few folks and look forward to speaking with you again soon! Love & Light

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Natalie E.

Dearest Brandy, You gave me a beautiful reading. I loved it. Afterwards I took a 2 hour nap! I was so relieved. I love SKYPE! Who knew? You hit the nail on the head as always. Blessings, Natalie

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Sasha J.

Thank you Brandy. You are supper friendly which put me at ease. Very informative, you’ve given me some great insight into aspects of myself, which I can learn to empower. I appreciate your positivity. I have found healing through your ability to see into me. You are wonderful! Sasha

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