Fascinating results

Hi Brandy, I had session with you on August 5th.   Just thought you might be interested in one result. You may not recall me, but this particular issue had to do with my concern over my parent’s home not being rented, though it was fully renovated and on the market for nearly 10 months in a major city and at a very reasonable rate. You gave me so much comfort when you sensed a sweet energy there and also said the house would rent soon. Not only is it now rented, but the people who are moving in are: an elderly, retired gentleman and his middle-aged daughter. Since 1996 until 2011, the only house guest my retired, elderly father had in that house was me — his middle aged daughter. Not only that, but the day the utilities on that house are being cut off and out of my family’s name is September 13th — the day my parents were married in 1947. Just seems like an extra pat on the back from the Universe that all is well and moving in step as it should be. After all, my parents occupied that house for 45 years, and the time is ripe for new folks who love the house, which is all I wanted. Thank you for our session, by the way. You’ll be hearing from me again at some point. Hope all is well with you. Shona