First of all, I was not planning on booking a reading with anyone.  I was just doing researching online for my own business and somehow stumbled upon a psychic-medium group and saw her picture.  Subsequently, I had been really missing my brother who had passed some years before and I really wanted to connect with him and kind of took this as a sign itself to book a reading.  I had been to other psychics in the past but left still feeling a little empty.

Well, Brandy came through with such accurate information and so quickly and effortlessly that I just knew she was connecting with him. I felt like I was actually speaking with him in the same room even though my reading with Brandy was over the phone!

I know his spirit has been around me for a while however to get the actual evidence that she provided really confirmed that.  Not to mention, the reading really calmed my heart. If you feel the slightest pull to book a reading with her, just do it! She is so sweet and kind and was so reassuring about my own life path too. I highly recommend her! Darice