I had never had a reading, but when I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time and she told me about her amazing experiences with Brandy, I had a strong feeling that I should make an appointment for a reading from Brandy as well, so I did just that.
The reading wasn’t what I had been expecting – it was far more profound. During our first session Brandy accurately described relatives (both living and passed) by name, and gave detailed descriptions of events that had already taken place. This was more than enough to convince me of Brandy’s abilities. I went into the reading with a healthy dose of skepticism which was impossible to maintain after hearing Brandy speak with such astonishing accuracy.
But the best part of the reading wasn’t just being convinced it was “real”, it was Brandy’s practical, intuitive, and loving advice, as well as extremely helpful psychic exercises to practice in the time following the reading. I received a strong sense of peace and healing, something I wasn’t expecting at all.
After my second reading, it was another profound experience – new relatives appeared, deeper healing took place, and a continued sense of peace and calm.
Sessions with Brandy are gifts I will continue to give myself (as well as gifts to the relatives she is aiding me in healing that have crossed over) and look forward to with great expectation and joy.