Truly enjoyed our session

Hi Brandy, I wanted to say hello, and just let you know that I truly enjoyed our session as well as our conversation this past Sunday. It’s so funny b/c last night, just as I was heading off to bed, I suddenly (and I literally mean suddenly, in a mere instant!) I developed a absolutely racing, runny nose! LOL! What’s so funny about that is that I rarely get sinus congestion, even when I get a cold! It was so completely out of the blue; I must have gone through an entire roll of toilet paper just trying to get to sleep! I fully recognize and celebrate the fact that this is my body’s way of releasing and detoxing from our session. I actually found it more humorous than anything else. In any case, I would love to stay in touch. It has been difficult finding strong, wonderful women that I can truly connect with here in LA. It’s one of the things I do miss about Ohio. Let me know next time you are down in the south-bay/long beach area and maybe we can meet for tea.  Love, Delanie