Completely amazing!

Brandy is completely amazing and has changed my life for the better! I came to her through a recommendation from my reiki person and we started with a psychic reading. That was great. i had some deep rooted family issues so we went through the 10 week rebirthing process together; it was better than anything else i have ever done for myself. it was at times uncomfortable, as a lot of issues start coming to the fore front through the process but on the other side i have released anxiety, my mind no longer races with thoughts i cannot control, and i have a general sense of peace and increased focus.

After one particular session I felt so good I was pounding on the floor and laughing because I could not believe how little I had paid to feel so great!!! I cannot recommend her enough. I had never heard of rebirthing before, I didn’t realize I knew people that had done it (I found them later among my circle) so I had nothing to base my decision on but my feeling after meeting her. My intuition was spot on, she is a gifted healer.