Nobody knew

Forgive me if I’m long-winded here. You read me about 7 months ago at a private group in the valley. I was shocked at what you told me and and I honestly thought the leader of our group (who hired you) must have fed you information about me. It was a very unsettling experience because there was no way you could have known what you told me without someone telling you. I probably came off rude and I left the event early. Since time has passed Ive had an opportunity to to talk amongst the group and the leader and I am confident you were not given any information. Also, what you told me my mom was trying to tell me was something nobody knew anyway.  I just wanted you to know this because you actually did a great service for me. I feel my mom all the time now. I even get signs from her now that only she would give me. I could tell you could feel that I was uncomfortable and I appreciate how gentle you were with me. A late thank you, but thank you. Sincerely, Beth O.