Confirmed my Ghost!

I had never experienced a paranormal event until I bought a historic home with an adjoining Elizabethan studio. Prominent architect, Joseph H. Roberts built the home where he lived and worked until he died in 1930; inside the house. My first night in the house marked the first of a series of paranormal events; all of which have been very positive in tone. Basically, I have a friendly ghost in my home and it’s the spirit of the man who built the place. Brandy was invited to my home with no knowledge of the paranormal events that had been taking place. She had come to give me a personal psychic reading. Being my first psychic reading ever, I was a bit skeptical but since it was a holiday gift from a dear friend and, that I had just seen a ghost, I thought why not. From the moment Brandy arrived, even before she entered the front door she sensed a powerful paranormal presence in my home that was warm and welcoming. She said things that only me and my ghost would know. I was blown away. She saw him and described him and then I showed her his picture and told her what had been going on. I used to be agnostic about all this psychic and paranormal stuff but now I have no choice but to believe. Obie W.