Powerful channeling

Good morning Brandy, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your generous email. As you know,  a lot has been going on. I just wanted you to know how powerful and spot-on your channeling in the email was and how grateful I am you took the time to write and share. From the […]

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Nobody knew

Forgive me if I’m long-winded here. You read me about 7 months ago at a private group in the valley. I was shocked at what you told me and and I honestly thought the leader of our group (who hired you) must have fed you information about me. It was a very unsettling experience because […]

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You are a G-d send

I have never before had a reading that I felt applied to me until now. This is so me and not so generalized that I think it’s ridiculous. I sent my sister my handwritten notes of our session and it’s bringing her so much comfort and her daughter is reconsidering going home now. You are […]

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Brandy, I cannot tell you how healing it was speaking with you tonight. For your visions and guidance as well compassion. Really nice. Lee

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A session with Brandy Rosenberg was given to me as a gift from a long-time friend and i accepted with enthusiasm and skepticism. Our session was via Skype which surprisingly flowed with great ease and comfort. I came out of the session with a deeper understanding of things that I didn’t realize had been weighing […]

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Psychic Healer

Brandy is a shamanic healer, high-intuitive and breathworker. Her sessions are deep and grounded in her own developed and devotional spiritual practice. As cliché as the term “psychic-healer” is – She is the real deal. Guru Jagat

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Connection and conduit

Thank you for being so kind and generous. Thank you for being a good listener.  Thank you for being a connection and conduit and visiting/meeting me on my island. Thank you for taking the time to help me calm down with breathwork and grounding connection. Thank you for sharing your gifts and love and feelings […]

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Feel so good

Hi Brandy, It was a pleasure to meet you!  You are a true healer. You made me feel so good about everything you said to me. I most definitely will see you again! Thank you so much !  

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