Brandy, I want you to know that Everyone in our group was amazed at the information that came through not just me.  So insightful and healing. Thank you! Lynne

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Thank you so much for such a great afternoon—so fun and FASCINATING. I feel so lucky for being able to share in your wonderful gift. Thank you for all your compassionate advice, really…wow! Jill

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Beautiful reading.

Dearest Brandy, You gave me a beautiful reading. I loved it. Afterwards I took a 2 hour nap! I was so relieved. And who knew, love SKYPE! Who knew? You hit the nail on the head as always. Blessings, Natalie

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Great insight

Thank you Brandy. You are supper friendly which put me at ease. Very informative, you’ve given me some great insight into aspects of myself, which I can learn to empower. I appreciate your positivity. I have found healing through your ability to see into me. You are wonderful! Sasha

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Lighting up the UK

I want Brandy and others to know how truly gifted she is as a Healer & Reader. Brandy helped me on so many levels all at once. She is strong, confident, wise, kind, loving and highly professional. I am a very big personality with a lot going on in my life and Brandy cut through […]

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Alchemical reaction

Dear Brandy, thank you so much for our wonderful reading last weekend. I came to you to find out my true calling since I was out of my previous career and free to make a move. Things that you have said have been coming through as confirmations all week! After looking back at the reading […]

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